Michael Kors has modernized the wristwears with the same luxurious exterior, but much more functionality under the hood. It now has heart rate monitoring, NFC payments, GPS tracking and the latest version of Wear OS. Michael Kors has a full range of fashion-focused smartwatches and the Access Sofie model. These models will be available from summer 2019, to make it even more appealing.

The Michael Kors Access Sofie 2.0, this new smartwatch is a bold look that makes an impact. Not only has that it also posses the best stuff with new tech that makes it a influential wearable as well.

Michael Kors’ Sofie 2.0

Besides the style, and best bold watches, the Sofie 2.0 has some additional features as well. These additions skills are, in the form of NFC. The NFC function allows you to use Google Pay on the fly at contactless payment terminals. It also supports Google Assistant to give you AI support on the move. This edition besides Google Pay compatibility, there’s also GPS built-in for fitness. There’s a heart rate tracker on the rear of the watch as well.

The new design now sports three buttons rather than the single button of the original, but otherwise keeps much the same style. It will be available in a range of different finishes – stainless steel, silver-tone stainless steel, gold and rose gol. Besides all these, there’s also the option for a pave crystal bracelet.

The watch has Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 platform, using Wear OS to provide all the software skills. This makes it a seamless partnering with Android smartphones. It will also happily work with iPhone.  Addressing some of the shortcomings of the original 2017 model, the Access Sofie 2.0 has a whole range of hardware to support new functions, especially when it comes to fitness.