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In Microsoft’ Build 2019 developer conference, it discusses what’s ahead for its cloud and consumer services, including Azure, Windows 10, Office 365, and Cortana. The conference covers the updates on a wide range of topics from Windows and collaboration to Azure cloud services to HoloLens and Xbox technologies. However, when it comes to IoT, one announcement stood out because it directly addresses a challenge that hampers every IoT project and that the industry has been wrangling with for some time.

The Microsoft Build 2019 provide the platforms, tools and services that are making it easier to create and innovate using AI and mixed reality with the intelligent cloud. The company talked about the projects and who the new innovation and technology will change the human life.

Microsoft Build 2019

While talking about the conference there are few noticeable things as well. The first Microsoft Edge built on Chromium OSS. This will make it easier to collect, organize and share content. Besides that it provides you an additional privacy controls. So, basically it allows you to make your own decisions about how third parties can track you.

On the other hand, the next big announcement is the Azure and Fluid Framework. It is a web-based platform expected to be available. It will give teams new ways to create together, enabling content to be deconstructed and reconstructed into modular components . Besides that it will also allow to work alongside people to co-author, provide photo suggestions, and translate data and more.

After that, the event covers the Microsoft’s vision for intelligent agents as well. Which influence breakthroughs in conversational AI and machine learning pioneered by Semantic Machine.

The information about new tools and capabilities in Azure AI for developers and data scientists, include Ink Recognizer. This allows developers set in digital ink recognition, an advanced speech-to-text capability. Well the recently launched, and information about everyday uses of AI in Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

Besides rest of the information, the Microsoft also shares information about IoT. It is one of the greatest confront customers face when deploying Internet of Things solutions broadly is connecting their IoT devices to the cloud.