Well Microsoft’s HoloLens now becomes more fundamental. On one hand, through AR technology that it will help the blind people through HoloLens. On the other hand, US military also made a contract to have these lenses for live combat missions. What an irony these lenses will have.

It seems that some researchers are using this technology to help the blind people and making a peace and noble cause. And on the other end, the same things or gadget is meant to use for the combat mission. So it is clear that nothing is bad or good, it really depends upon the usage of that particular thing

AR Technology

If you’re blind, going and finding something or looking for something is difficult in new city or area. But now in the future, though, you might just need to wear a headset. Because the Caltech researchers have developed a Cognitive Augmented Reality Assistant (CARA) that uses Microsoft’s HoloLens to make objects “talk” to you. They use computer vision to identify objects in a given space and say their names because of specialized sound. The blind will know about anything, any obstacle on the way or about the door to your right. So, it says that the nearer you go, the higher the pitch of an object’s voice will be heard.

Combat Mission

On the other hand, The US Army has awarded Microsoft a $480 million contract to supply the headset for live combat missions as well as training. The plan is to “increase lethality by enhancing the ability to detect, decide and engage before the enemy.” The US Army optimistic about non-traditional military suppliers like Microsoft to bid on the contract. The forces wanted a device that could allow for night vision, the ability to measure breathing. Not only this but for other very important signs, offer hearing protection and monitor for signs of concussion.