While talking about smartphone lenses, it means you are talking about wide-angle lenses.  For instance, everybody wanted to capture the best moments of their life. While, some others wanted to shoot more friend in one frame and other wanted to catch the wild life image with complete details. So for such purposes, smartphone lenses become important. But sometimes you want a picture of one thing. In that case, what you need is a telephoto lens. They’re the go-to tool for portraits and landscapes. Hence Moment introduced Moment Tele 58mm Lens for ultimate capturing of photos.


The Moment Tele 58mm lens is a completely new addition to its exiting lineup. The company says that this new lens is the “sharpest telephoto lens on the market,” and it offers some big perks for mobile photography.

Moment Tele 58mm Lens

The design of this lens also provides increased the aesthetic quality of picture, when it comes to comparing with traditional smartphone lens. Thus, it allows you to capture spectacular portrait shots without using the usual portrait mode on your device.  Moment says this new lens is optimized for all Pixel, Galaxy, and iPhone devices and is designed for f/1.8 lenses.

Moment’s 58mm telephoto lens will bring you about two times closer to the subject and, as an added bonus. So, it will give you a bit more bokeh without any software tricks. Some of the smartphones too have tele lenses so why should someone need them. Well the reason is, those cameras have smaller sensors, which results in poor picture quality. Hence resulting in the poor low-light performance and with the blur pictures background. On the other hand, you can also combine Moment’s 2x lens with the 2x lens on your dual-camera smartphone for an effective 4x zoom. However, there are several caveats.