Smartphones are among the best travel gadgets, because they can be moved easily from place to place. For them you always require a small effort and you can do your any type of work everywhere and anywhere. But you can’t replace them with your laptop or the work done by the laptops. On the other hand, one can’t move this type of machine easily and you need to a specific place to set it. So, if you want to sit in a place where you don’t have a “desk” for a while, but need your laptop, or a tablet or even a large book, the Levo Rolling Laptop Workstation is the best option.

Levo Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand gives you ultimate freedom. As, it allows you to swing and tilt your laptop into the ideal and comfortable position! Now you can do your work on laptops, whether you are sitting, standing, or laying down.

Levo Rolling

Well, the Levo Rolling Laptop Workstation has a base with a single vertical telescoping pole, having single arm mounted at a right angle to the pole. It has a supports upto 16.5” x 12.25” work surface that can be fold according to the height, which you desire. While, the bas is designed in an hourglass shape, which helps it to get close to you in various chairs and tables.

Levo Rolling Laptop Workstation can also extend over, so you can sit comfortably all the way back in your chair, sofa, or bed.  With its five freely moving adjustments allows you the freedom to work in any position you want. This workstation can hold your laptops or tablets up-to 17 inches with strong base of 22 pounds weight make to ensure the toppling. Besides that, the Levo Rolling workstation has a purposefully engineered structure to minimize bouncing while you are typing. It safely holds your laptop on the platform with adjustable locking heights. Thus, makes your reading, writing, working and any type of activity easy, comfortable with making you feel tired.