The gaming device company comes with the Switch Lite version, and it says lighter the better. So, basically, Nintendo has crafted something that feels more like a genuine portable console. The Switch Lite is considerably lighter and more comfortable to hold. With a smaller screen and fixed controllers, it can finally fit into your pocket for $200, which is $100 less than the Switch. This gaming purely focused on portability, but I don’t think many gamers will mind.

Earlier, few years back, there was no division between console games and portable games. There were just games.

Nintendo Switch Lite

This version is smaller and cheaper, the device that cuts out a core feature: you can’t hook up a Switch Lite to your TV.  But this thing is basically designed entirely for playing in handheld mode. With the original Switch, Nintendo proved that games didn’t have to be designed around hardware, and that with the right device, you could enjoy the same game in a variety of places and situations.

On the other hand, with this, company has shown the world that it can make different thing as well. While, speaking its specs, features a 5.5-inch touchscreen, compared to the original’s 6.2-inch display The Switch Lite clocks in at 3.6 inches high, 8.2 inches long, and 0.55 inches deep. It’s extremely light, at a minuscule 0.61 pounds.

Besides that, there is no change in controller and it has the same slots for game cards and a microSD card. Other than this, there’s a headphone jack as well.  So, overall, Switch Lite is more like a smartphone with controllers ergonomically optimized for its smaller size.

Lastly, it features two joysticks and the four buttons on the face. The triggers and top buttons are even more comfortable, since they’re on a smaller case. The major difference is the directional pad, which is sure to delight fans of classic 2D games. It’s smooth, accurate and simply fun to use.