Besides the smart watches from Apple and Samsung, the other smart watch maker Polar surprises with their products has well. Today, company unveiled Ignite, a mid-range GPS fitness watch that brings design elements from its more expensive wearables. The new fitness smartwatch has affordable price of $230. Polar is one of the better-known developers of heart rate trackers and has leveraged that expertise to release everything from scales and watch-style fitness wearables to heart monitors for horses.

Polar’s latest watch, combines complete sleep data with personalized training, helping wearers achieve optimal workouts. The Ignite tones down Polar’s traditionally sporty aesthetic for something more understated.

Polar Ignite

Sleep tracking and personal fitness gadgets are nothing new, and even the cheapest knock-off wearables will do a decent enough job of monitoring the main criteria, so companies are constantly looking at ways to make their devices even more useful. Unlike other heart or fitness watches, Polar’s background in heart monitoring means its wearable go further than entry-level rivals. Ignite includes the same Precision Prime system previously found only on Vantage watches. Besides that it pairs with a 3D acceleration sensor with multi-colored optical sensors and an electrical skin contact sensor.

Now the other important factor besides precision is the battery life, well, the watch has five-day battery life. Alongside that, the other included enables Ignite to offer atypically robust sleep stage tracking, as well as “nightly recharge” tracking. This tell you of how much you’ve recovered from the past day’s exercise activities

Along the line, with the optical sensor in the watch; the feature measures the status of your autonomic nervous system. It is there to reveals how recovered you actually are, regardless of how well-rested you feel. Besides the new features, the watch comes with a host of other features as well. These include guided breathing exercises, run and swim metrics, calorie tracking and 100 different activities.