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The remarkable Nura headphones, calling them “the best headphones any of us have ever heard.” Now, the company is offering them on a monthly subscription deal with some interesting bonuses. The company has launched a program it calls NuraNow, in which customers can make a much less onerous monthly payment. Yes, it’s a subscription service for headphones.

Nuraphone’s sound profile matching technology is impressive, and yields results that really do seem to suit the individual. It combines punchy high and mids from the in-ear tips and fulfilling bass filling out the back really nicely.


Nura, the Australian audio company behind the Nuraphone headphones, comes up with new idea called NuraNow, it is basically a subscription service. This world-first means the barrier to owning a pair of high-quality headphones is lower than ever.

Well, the The monthly cost is dependent on how much of the up-front fee user will pay. Besides the price the lowest, $9 per month level requires an initial payment of $100. So, user can pay $30 upfront and user will have Nura headphones for $12 per month. But somehow, is the user doesn’t want to pay any initial lump sum, he or she can get the deal for $15.

One of the best elements about the NuraNow plan is that you’re not locked into a contract. Subscribers can cancel whenever they like and send the headphones back to the company. On the other hand, users might even get your up-front payment refunded if you cancel within the first 30 days as well.

The basic idea behind this service is to secure the customers and its trust. Nura will also basically insure them for you as part of the deal. If they fail or break, or get lost or stolen you’ll get a new set – only once.