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The Samsung Electronics has announced its eight innovative new projects, which are related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), developed from its Creative Lap (C-Lab) Program. Samsung, in its press release revealed its plan about the future projects regarding CES event. The Samsung C-Lab projects include: an in-video virtual ad service Tisplay’, an ASMR sound recording solution ‘aiMo’, an instant video making service ‘MEDEO’. Besides them, there is an AI news analysis service ‘PRISMIT’, with a custom perfume making service ‘Perfume Blender’. Not only these, but  an auto-adjusting monitor ‘Girin Monitor Stand’, an AI desk light ‘alight’, and a hearing assistant  solution ‘SnailSound’.

Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics, Inkuk Hahn, said, “We will present promising C-Lab projects leveraging AI technologies in the field of video content creation, perfume making and more. These are deeply related to our daily lives and we hope to catch the eyes of attendees.”

Samsung C-Lab

Samsung comes up with ASMR sound recording system called the aiMo. According to Samsung, it is made with aim to simulate the human ear. The combination of the case and AI is able to capture richer and more realistic sound, the company says. “When recording ASMR content with this solution, creators not only obtain spatially more enhanced sounds in terms of sound directivity, they also produce vivid, realistic ASMR sounds with AI sound rendering software without professional recording devices. ”

The other notable thing is the Girin Monitor Stand, which is used for posture-fixing monitor. So, by following the movements of a monitor, one corrects the posture. The monitor moves slowly, meaning the posture is amended without the user really noticing. On the other hand, MEDEO is an instant video creation service that uses AI to add sounds and effects to scenes during the recording process, meaning it doesn’t need to be done in post production.

Alongside them, Samsung comes up with PRISMIT. That will help the users to get the best 5 articles, when they search for any event or any issue. So, Samsung has made the reading and information gathering easy, reliable and informative.

Besides them, Samsung C-Lab experiments include, Tisplay, custom perfume making service Perfume Blende, an AI desk light ‘alight’, and a hearing assistant solution ‘Snail Sound’.