Well it seems that the camera, its aspects, pixels and all the advancement in it becomes the integral part of new smartphones. Joining the race of Samsung’s Galaxy A80 with rotating triple camera has notches slider as well. Samsung’s Galaxy A80 is midrange phone but equipped with high end phones’ specifications. The camera not only slides up from the rear of the device, but also automatically rotates as well. So it is there to perform a function both as a selfie camera and a rear-mounted camera.

While talking about the camera, it sounds like the solution for getting the best camera for any situation. You can free up the screen to be the perfect rectangle, without notches and punch hole.

Samsung’s Galaxy A80

On the other hand, talking about the specs, Galax A80 has a huge 6.7-inch 1,080 x 2,400 AMOLED screen. But a phone has some of the most interesting aspect. And that is Samsung’s Galaxy A80 with rotating triple camera and no notch.

But the question is how this can be done, well It all happens once user will open the camera app. The first step is to press the on-screen button that normally switches between front- and rear-facing cameras. After that small motors whirr, and this motion rotates the camera array as it moves, spinning the lenses and sensors around to face you.

According to Samsung, the new wide-angle lens has the same viewing angle as the human eye, too. As it combines a 48-megapixel f/2.0 camera with an ultra wide (123-degree) 8-megapixel camera and a 3D depth sensor. Besides that on Software basis, the phone has 3D Depth camera adds Live Focus videos, which scans what the cameras see for both measurement and depth. So the users can have bokeh effects for selfies and more traditional shots.