Well, the music lovers always strive for the best headsets and Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3rd generation headsets are there without any dought. Earlier, at IFA 2019, the company unveiled the third generation of the headphones. And while this new $399.95 over-ear model is improved and better features. These headphones by using proximity sensors, sense when you put them on or take them off and start or stop the music accordingly.

Not only that, it has smart Tile tech with an integrated Bluetooth tracker to find them if you happen to misplace them around the house.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3rd Generation

The first thing is the design: while the there is no big change in the design section and this model is just like models in the series. It still has the metal headband that allows the earcups themselves to slide up and down to adjust the fit. Whereas, the headband now has somewhat more padding underneath, and the textured look on top is now a smooth surface.

Besides that ear-pads relative thick with cushions, it makes users to feel comfortable despite the several hours’ usage. Other than this there are visible cables from the earcups to the headband are still there and the headphones still fold inward for easy storage. In fact, that folding motion is actually how you turn them on and off, there’s no actual button

While, speaking of controls, it has some physical buttons for volume, “music” and a dedicated button for Siri, Google Assistant, etc. On the other hand, the music control is a multi-function button for play/pause (press once), skipping to the next track (press twice) and returning the previous track (press three times). Besides that there is also a physical control for active noise cancellation (ANC), where you can turn it off or opt for Transparent Hearing mode.

For the further adjustments can be made with the Sennheiser Smart Control app. You can switch between maximum ANC, anti-wind or anti-pressure settings. But on downside, Sennheiser only promises 17 hours of battery backup, which is quite less.