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Well with up growing challenges rated on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, has made the other social media platforms more worried. As to remain in the competition or wanted to make app more attractive, they need to alter the things. That’s what happened in case of Snapchat, Snapchat has recently launches Lens Challenges to compete TikTok and Instagram. So, Snapchat is getting in to action with its Lens Challenges.

Lens Challenges are precisely what they sound like: themed challenges that fit in a special Snapchat Lens, which can then be featured for the app’s community. The first challenge, which launched by Snapchat, is attached into the holiday season.

Snapchat Lens Challenges

Snapchat is looking to boost user rendezvous with the app with the launch of a new feature called Lens Challenges. Users can opt to participate in the challenges by creating a snap with a Lens that’s themed to a particular song, dance, holiday, and more, according to the company.

One of the first challenges to launch on Lens Challenges is a sing-along with Gwen Stefani’s “Jingle Bells.” Well Snapchat itself first created the Jingle Bells challenge but users will also be able to create their own Lens Challenges.  Not only that, users access the new challenge from the Lens Explorer section of the app, then lip sync along with the song. When finished, they’ll send the snap to the Gwen Stefani Challenge story for the chance to be featured in the app

Besides that, users can also watch others’ Challenge Snaps while in Lens Explorer. But the Challenges do not to be public all the time. It gives you an option to shares it privately with friends or for public.

Snapchat Lens Challenges are similar in many ways to the popular TikTok social application. On TikTok, users regularly compete in dance, lip sync, and other viral challenges. TikTok has been growing at with rapid rate recently, and Snapchat is seemingly looking to join the race.