The 4WD ASIS Amphibious boat will entirely transform your boating adventure as the company promises that you can start boating straight from your home. Featuring the exceptional performance of an ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat with the excellent on-land capabilities of the BAS-80-4 4WD system, you can now completely experience the joy of surfing on water and on land.

The 4WD ASIS Amphibious craft is a boat with wheels that have been designed using the most advanced technology in the yachting industry. It is the only RHIB boat with 4 individually motorized, retractable and steerable wheels.

4WD ASIS Amphibious Boat

The ASIS Amphibious boats describe versatility, mobility, transfer, and recreation. They can be driven straight from/to your beach house or warehouse location into/out of the water while the riders are on board. Once in the water, the 4WD ASIS Amphibious Boat’s performance is absolutely amazing as the wheels completely retract out of the water.

4WD ASIS Amphibious Boat

The company claims that the boating has never been this easy and enjoyable; you get absolute luxury, convenience, and leisure when opting for an ASIS Amphibious boat. The company classified its amphibious crafts into two main classes; Recreational and Professional that are further divided into different types depending on size and specifications.


ASIS Recreational Amphibious Boats

Taking your boating experience to another level, the ASIS Recreational Amphibious Boat provides you the adaptability, versatility, reach, and play as no other boat can.

ASIS Recreational Amphibious Boats

Whether you have beachfront estate and need the versatility to take your boat out right into the water or you are interested in a tender that would improve your boating adventure, the ASIS Recreational Amphibious Boat is precisely what you need and what you will love. The ASIS Amphibious boat enables you to reach islands, hidden natural seashores, and other remote areas with a regular boat. It provides you the choice to start your boat by yourself without the help of an extra person.

Amphibious Boats

Entirely customizable by color, seating arrangement, accessories, and other gears, you can design your amphibious boat the way you want it. Need to add to it a tent and a BBQ so you can use it to camp overnight on a beach? ASIS can build the Amphibious Boat of your aspirations.


With an ASIS Amphibious boat, you will get the most precise and the most unique boat furnished with modern technology and without settling on the performance and safety you would expect from an ASIS Boat.

Recreational Amphibious Boats

The ASIS Recreational boats are divided into four types that are Recreational 9.8 M, Recreational 9.5 M Beachlander, Recreational 8.4M, and Recreational 7.1 M.

ASIS Professional Amphibious Boats

ASIS Professional Amphibious Boats are preferred around the world for trained mariners in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Coast-Guard Patrol, and Flood Rescue.

ASIS Professional Amphibious Boats

Looking to cut on response time, patrol maritime areas efficiently, reach remote areas of operations; you have come to the right place. The ASIS Amphibious Boat provides you the best performance required from an ASIS RHIB to accomplish any mission coupled with the effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability than an Amphibious system offers.

Professional Amphibious Boats

Entirely customizable from frame to coating, the ASIS amphibious boat is specially designed for your mission. Speedy, effective, with the strength to cross barriers, reach remote areas, and cruise in the shallowest waters, it is the best solution in crisis and rescue operations as well as patrolling and law enforcement.

ASIS boats

The ASIS Professional boats are also dived into four types that include Professional 9.8 M, Professional 9.5 M Beachlander, Professional 8.4 M, and Professional 7.1 M.

4WD ASIS Amphibious Boat