This time the electric bike company comes with the new bike gadget, the Bird Cruiser. Bird, is adding an electric motorcycle to its fleet of micro-mobility vehicles. The Bird Cruiser is described as a “seated electric vehicle,” which can carry up to two adults at a time. You’ll get a padded seat, a choice of pedals or pegs for your feet, and hydraulic disc brakes to ensure safe stopping. Besides that, the Cruiser can be used like a bike, with the electric motor offering assistance to make pedaling easier.

According to the company, the Cruiser will roll out this summer as part of its global fleet and give riders another environmentally friendly transit option. But customers will also be able to simply ride with their feet on pegs.

The Bird Cruiser

It takes far less energy to move a 200 pound human being than it does a 200 pound human being in a 3,000 pound car. That’s the great promise of micro-mobility services like Bird. This enable users to ditch the car but still get around without breaking a sweat. A seated vehicle makes rides more comfortable, but also widens accessibility to those folks who can’t, stand and ride a razor scooter.

Bird says that the bike was custom-designed, with a special motor that can easily conquer hills, and will take a fair bit of punishment, too. In terms of range, Bird hasn’t given any concrete figures. But says that the 52V battery will help “extends the last mile. And presumably can last for a full day of use. On the other hand, the company made a big deal about its Bird One has similar redesigned to take account of the practicalities of working life.

Alongside these, It will have disc brakes, a padded seat. Besides that it has and an LCD screen that will presumably show information about the speed and remaining battery.

The Bird Cruiser is the latest product in the company’s line. Company said it would sell e-scooters for $1,299. It features include extended battery life and protection, a 30-mile travel range on one charge and better durability