In the field of cameras and related gadgets, Fujifilm products always have an edge. The company is impressive form when it comes to camera gear. Earlier, it launched the first compact camera with features the recording 3D high-def video. Now, Fujifilm SX800 camera is out, which is basically meant for surveillance. The long distance surveillance camera covers optical focal length range of 20 mm to 800 mm. On the other hand, the telephoto end extending to 1,000 mm when helped along by 1.25x digital zoom.

Fujifilm SX800 packs a built-in lens capable of 40x optical zoom, boosting the focal length from 20mm to 800mm.

Fujifilm SX800

The SX800 features a built-in 40x optical zoom lens that manages the “world’s longest telephoto coverage” of 800 mm. When that’s combined with some digital wizardry, that focal length can get up to 1,000 mm – which helps give the camera its impressively long reach.

Fujifilm has equipped its commercial security camera with a number of features that will make its footage more usable when filming at these extreme distances. It’s got a fast auto-focus that can focus in as quickly as 0.3 seconds. it has an optical image stabilization, and an image processing engine that’s able to reduce the effects of fog and heat-haze. The camera also supports ISO levels of up to 819200 for filming at night.

Several features give the first surveillance camera from Fujifilm an incredible start. Outside of its incredible zoom, the new camera is able to deliver fast and accurate auto-focus speeds in as little as 1/3 of a second. It also sports a newly-developed image stabilization mechanism that was inspired by the development of lenses from its digital cameras.