While, in race to more smart and feature packed smart watches, Movado’s new smartwatch has been launched. The company has just launched its second version of smartwatches, as they have launched the first version back in 2017. The new Movado Connect 2.0 is the second generation of Movado’s smartwatch, and it features the latest tech from Google’s Wear OS platform. But this time, it is in thinner cases and smaller diameters.

The smartwatch will set buyers back anywhere from $495 to $750, depending on the style and size you choose.

Movado Connect 2.0 Smartwatch

The first thing is the process, Movado new Smartwatch has the powerful Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 chipset. Other than his the smartwatch has two sizes: a 42mm one like its predecessor and a smaller 40mm one for those who find the former a bit too chunky for their wrists.

The watch features an always-on AMOLED screen and “hundreds of customizable dial variations.” While speaking of battery life, it last from two to four days, depend upon the usage, The Movado Connect 2.0 series has 8GB of storage and 1GB of memory, and tt works with both Android phones and iPhones.

Other than that, users can modify its looks until the watch fits their aesthetic by swapping its straps/bracelets and taking advantage of its customizable watch-face. Like all other Movado watches, though, it features the brand’s single dot design.

Besides the change in processor, the connect 2.0 has some upgraded specs has well. It comes with a heart rate monitor, NFC, GPS, storage for music files and programmable buttons. The buttons on the smartwatch are pre-programmed to open Google Fit and Google Pay. Not only that, there is choice that users can customize them and turn them into a shortcut for any app they want. It won’t be hitting stores until October, but those interested can now pre-order the device from Movado’s website.