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Well in world of tech and gadgets, power outreach is always a problem for the users. Nimble portable chargers and wireless chargers look splendid. But among all Nimble 10 days charger is the ultimate power charger. They pack in fresh features and come from a company that wants to protect the planet while keeping you charged up. The company is looking to set itself apart from the competition in a variety of ways, but most notably with its Eco-friendly focus. They are using fully recyclable aluminum, plant-based plastics, and skipping chemical materials.

Nimble 10 Days Charger provides continuous charging from its 26800 mAH battery. This power charger is able to deliver the charging to all type and it supports simultaneous charging to multi techs as well.

Nimble 10 Days Charger

When talking about the power charges that’s stands long, there are few tech gadgets who perform it greatly. The Nimble 10 Days Charger stands fast in this range; this everyday carrier has ability to charge more than 3 times faster than other traditional phone and device chargers. This power charge offers 18 W Fast Charging for many products. It is compatible with many products like Samsung, Apple and other devices. It has a QC 3.0 or Type-C PD. Not only that, this smart power charge also lets its user to know when it is charging at high speeds with its intelligent LED technology.

The 10 Days Charger is purposefully designed to charge several devices at once. And it can be achieved with its two USB-A output ports and a Type-C input/output port. In addition, the 10-Day Fast Portable Charger comes with a soft-touch storage strap that you can easily remove at any time. Plus, it magnetically attaches cables to the bottom of the charger for convenient and tidy storage.

It features 4 output ports, including an 18 W fast charging USB-C and a dedicated QC 3.0 port. This allows the user to power up your phone and your tablet in no time. The charger by nimble has a slim outlook, which makes for easy packing while a detachable cable holder keeps all the cords under control. It is made from sustainable materials and arrives in recycled, plastic-free packaging.