It seems that Samsung is facing many problems with its first folding phone. But, Samsung is introducing its Galaxy S10. After a delay, The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the flagship Samsung smartphone for 2019. The company has introduced two more versions, the cheaper S10e and the more expensive S10 Plus as well.  Whereas, The Galaxy S10 Plus is the most powerful, most expensive Samsung smartphone ever launched with $1639.

This is the first Samsung phone with an in-screen fingerprint reader. Besides that, it is the first with a triple camera arrangement and the first with an HDR 10+ screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Considering the fact, Samsung now is one of the most experience and skilled manufacturer in the field of smartphones. Besides that it offers phones in stylish, now seem to be able to push out sleek and polished handsets. Therefore, the 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S10 screams premium, all thin bezels and rounded edges, and looks fantastic from every angle.

The gorgeous, vibrant 1,440 x 3,040 pixel Super AMOLED display. While coming to the specification, phones runs Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 CPU depending on the region. Besides that it has 8 GB of RAM with two internal storage options are 128 GB and 512 GB.  The battery is rated at 3,400 mAh and that should last you all day, Samsung promises.

While the most expensive one is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it has 6.4 inch screen. The Galaxy S10 Plus has different storage options. The first one is the 128GB model, then 512GB and expensive model with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of built-in storage.