The question is do you travel? Are you going to travel? So, for those who travel a lot? Here are world’s top travel plug adapters. These travel plug adapters are meant so, that you can use them in any country. There’s a range of different outlet types around the world, not to mention different voltages and frequencies. Most of the travelers wanted two main things when it comes to travel plug adapters. The primary is that they should be the universal-style travel adapters. And the second one is that there size should be smaller.

However, coming to the universal top travel plug adapter, every adapter is not really universal. Because many of them are lot heavier and more costly than simple plug adapters. So, if you want the smallest adapter possible, or if you wanted to have universal adapters, here is the list.

Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapters are truly universal. With five USB ports, four are for the standard USB-A size and one of the newer USB-C. These will let you charge, say, three phones, two tablets, and through the adapter’s main plug a camera battery that has its own wall charger, all at once. In addition, the adapter has maximum power output: 5.6 amps. While the maximum output per USB-A port is 2.4 amps, the max on the USB-C port is 3 amps.

Bonaker Universal Travel Adapter

The Bonaker Universal Travel Adapter offers the best of plug types and only one fewer USB port than Epicka. It charges speedier than most other universal adapters. The plastic exterior has a nice, premium-feeling texture. The adapter also has a replaceable fuse and a spare. The Bonaker’s four USB ports have a maximum total output of 4.5 amps. Two of the ports are labeled “2.4A,” indicating that they’ll max out at 2.4.

Ceptics International

The Ceptics Plug Adapter is the set of combination of small size but offers top travel plug adapters. Each adapter is no larger than it needs to be to fit over the US-style prongs of your charger. The plastic feels solid and not flimsy.The adapter has the region or countries it should be used in written on the side. The five plugs in the set have best quality plus the thicker, round European-style prongs used in parts of France, parts of Asia, and elsewhere.