The water guns that you may have played with as a kid can end up losing some of their fun after a while but with the help of some modern technology it could be possible to have the ultimate water gun. A typical super soaker can be a great way that you can have some fun with water wars in the backyard, but a new company called Spyra is changing the game when it comes to water guns.

The Spyra One water gun may represent the future of water wars. Rather than just releasing a jet of water, the spray on board can actually shoot 30 mL water bullets. The gun can create a precision blast that can easily shoot up to 15 feet with complete accuracy. Once you start training with the Spyra One it becomes quite easy to shoot the gun over 30 feet at a time arcing the bullet downward.

The gun automatically refills with clean water through a built-in filter that can prevent jamming. The onboard reservoir is capable of holding up to 25 shots through a constant pressure so there’s no need to spend a constant amount of time pumping the reservoir. The digital display on board will tell you how many shots that you have left and the entire gun comes with a rechargeable battery that can deliver up to 1125 shots before it will require a recharge. You can easily fill it up around 45 times without a need to plug it into a battery charger.

This water gun truly represents the ultimate in backyard warfare. With precision accuracy and little need for recharge, you can really make sure that people stand no chance unless they have the same gun on hand! This product is available on Kickstarter right now with plans for future release!