There are many people in the world, who are called as the gadget or tech man. They are so passionate about the gimmicks and gadgets that they do everything to make them their part of life. The enthusiastic persons look for such awesome gadgets which make them look different from friends and others. Here are of the upcoming gadgets, that you can’t buy yet.

When talking about gadgets which will about to launched it market. These gadgets or tech are the Lumi keyboard, 32Blit Gaming Console, Scoots Plant Shoes and MagneTips Gel Pens.

The Lumi keyboard

The Lumi keyboard offers a modern way to learn to play piano on your own. The keys actually light up to indicate which ones you should play at any given moment, and the accompanying app lets you select familiar songs to play, with the notes on screen sliding down toward the instrument a la Guitar Hero. You can also view the songs in the form of sheet music. The keyboard itself is small enough to take on the go, but if you want the full grand piano experience you can connect multiple Lumi models to form ever longer keyboards.

32Blit, Gaming Console

The other one is for those who always love to be gamers. For them Nintendo Switch is making a cool entry with its 32blit retro gaming console.  It is a retro-style handheld console that people can develop their own games for. The console has sprites, sound effects, and music tracks, as well as tutorials for various aspects of game development like collision detection or lighting effects.

Scoots! Plant Shoes

The eco oriented things are making its part in the business market. So, the people behind Scoots want to build shoes in a better way, making their slip-on shoes out of a variety of plants. Scoots resemble espadrilles: The uppers are made of pineapple and corn, the insoles of latex, and the outsoles out of Portuguese cork. The result is a shoe that promises to be durable and comfortable, and also biodegradable.

MagneTips Gel Pens

Well, some people have hobby or habit to use the pens instead of anything else for writing. Pens are useful for drawing art; but this time the Magnetips is somewhat different from ye others. Magnetips is offering gel pens (in 20 different colors), with 0.7mm tips that are good for writing or drawing. The Magnetips are unique, as they contain powerful magnets that make these writing utensils fun toys for playing around with.