The office is the place where you spend most of your day, with the revolution in technology; you can fill that space with the best and helpful gadgets out there and create a better impression. Some people find desk gadgets to be unnecessary interruption cluttering their space and preventing them from doing a good job. Every man with a sense of purpose needs to have the proper tools to ensure that he isn’t short-changing himself.

With all the new technology that is constantly adding functionality the office space. These small things are a great way to decrease stress and increase productivity in a workplace. From the silly to the incredibly useful, here is a list of office gadgets that you definitely are going to want in your work-space.


The SanDisk Wireless Stick is special USB Flash drive. Its wireless capabilities make you to move large files, stream HD videos and music, etc from one device to another without having to plug in. When analog feels easier, you can go back to the classic method of sticking the SanDisk into your USB port and connect that way. The wireless stick comes in 16, 32, 64, 128, 200 or 256 GB, for all of your data needs.

EMeet Office-Core M2 Smart Speakerphone

With conference calls becoming an increasingly common part of modern business life, the need for dependable hardware to support this is better than ever. The Office-Core M2 is a smart and stylish way to make sure your calls go off without a hindrance. It offers 360-degree voice recognition thanks to a number of embedded microphones, supporting a range of up to 26 feet away, with a support call up to 12 people without intervention. It can also link to mobile smart assistants to facilitate greater communication, with Siri, Cortana and Google Now all supported via Bluetooth, although our tests found that this was often patchy to set up.

Square Reader

Square has long been one of the most exciting payments companies around today, and has now finally brought its Reader product. The product acts as a mobile POS, allowing customers to quickly pay for their items using a mobile, wearable device and con-tactless card. Focusing at small businesses or traders, the Square Reader is slim and compact, easily fitting in the palm of your hand.


AirBar is a smooth, lightweight device that instantly turns your regular laptop into a touch-screen. Just join the bar to the bottom of your laptop display through magnets, plug in through USB, and use anything to interact with your screen. It is compatible with Windows 10 laptops and Macs.

TP-Link M4750 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

The TP-Link M4750 sets download speeds of up to 300Mbps, and 50Mbps. The battery life for the device is excellent, lasting a full working day with ease, as TP-Link says that the M4750 can offer up to 15 hours and recharging the huge 3000mAh battery is also quick and easy using the micro USB port.  The M4750 is also light and portable, being small enough to fit inside a jacket pocket. Its set up is really easy, requiring you to just insert the SIM card and turn on, making this much more straightforward than other similar devices. This wireless hotspot can support up to 32 devices at once, across 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

Epson Work-Force Eco-Tank Cartridge Free Printer

Epson Work-Force Eco-Tank printers are perfect for businesses with high-volume printing necessities in both color and black and white. Epson’s Eco-Tank cartridge-free printers eliminate the inconvenience of running out of ink at the most awkward time and reduce the frequency of buying replacement ink. This device allows small businesses to keep their operations smooth and well-organized.