Well, you often see the packable sleeping bags on the back of adventurers and hitchhikers. Besides that vagabond type people also has such bags that are easy to carry but are very useful. But there is something new, a Trollaby, means a sleeping bag which travelers can use on airports. When they don’t find a suitable place to sleep, in case of emergency or delayed flights.

This bag is quite unique and easy to carry. When you fold it, it will have size like laptop bag. So, feel free and enjoy the sleep anywhere.


If you’re much of a world traveler, then you’ve probably experienced it – a several-hour airport layover during which you’d like to get some sleep, but without going off to a hotel. That’s where the Trollaby is intended to come in, as it serves as a sort of bag-connected airport-floor tent.

While taking a name “trolley” and “lullaby, Marc Brugger Austrian enterprises make the sleeping tent. The Trollaby takes its name from the words “When not in use, it packs down into a flat rectangular bag that’s about the size of a laptop computer.

The company says that when suing the Trollaby, Keep it simple and small. This applies to both the packing dimensions and the construction. Trollaby essentially consists of three parts: The belt to attach to your cabin trolley, the aluminum poles and the privacy cover.

Besides that the user can then make a nest out of their jacket, sweater or whatnot, or they can simply lay out an optional inflatable mattress. After that, they just crawl in and go to sleep. There shouldn’t be much of a risk of theft from their suitcase as they zone out, as its fasteners will be located right by their head.

The basic setup tips the scales at a claimed 900 grams (2 lb), although that doesn’t include the weight of the mattress. In any case, should you be interested, the Trollaby is currently pledge of €69 (about US$78) will get you a base package.