With the innovation in different field like transportation and mobiles, there is also progress in field of medical gadgets and tech. these innovations are done to make the life easier and convenient. People use to go to doctors or to hospitals for their little type of checkups and diagnosis. This cost them heavy and makes them pay for the pity checkup.

So here are few of medical Gadgets and tech, which will help to make you to perform you own medical checkups. These gadgets include Touchpoints for stress relief and snoring band as well.


Stress impacts millions of people every day. It can cause unwanted physical effects, prevent us from having fun or going to work, and even make us gravely ill in the long term if we don’t take steps to deal with it. Touchpoints is designed to shake you out of your usual stress responses within 30 seconds of turning it on. A twin set of vibrating devices that look like watches send out synchronized vibrations that disrupt your body’s typical stress routine. You can wear one on each wrist and pick a vibration intensity that works for you. It relies on an established bilateral stimulation technique to reduce cortisol levels and help you focus


If you are worried about diabetes and want to check your glucose level, doctor is not nearby nor is any other, Testcard there for you. This little card performs multiple functions. Testcard is fulfilling an important service in a cheap and reliable way. Even a test at the doctor’s is liable to be less reliable because they interpret the results by eye and may use tests that are past their use-by date. Not only that, with an app, it will alert you if the results are invalid for any reason.

Snoring Band

There are lots of products on the market that promise to alleviate the snoring problem, but sleep tech has to be modest, or else it defeats its purpose. Philips came up with a novel solution, an adjustable cloth band that goes around the snorer’s chest and learns their breathing patterns. When it’s alerted that you’re snoring, it will vibrate – a gentler version of the elbow to the ribs snorers are probably used to. The buzzes adjust in intensity and frequency, so optimistically even heavy sleepers will get the message that they’re sawing logs and change position.