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The Vezo 360 is the latest to roll onto the scene and serves as a 360-degree dash cam first and foremost. Besides it is with the ability to pick up on tired drivers and give them a push if need be. Every year there are more than 3 hundred thousands road accidents happened, and people fight with each other and blame each other for that. So, ArVizon’s Vezo 360-degree dash cam has intelligent AI system alerts the driver to avoid the situation.

In order to select any dash cam for the vehicle, it is important to ensure it fits with it. Vezo 360-degree dash cam is adjustable and thus it fits in any car in world from sports cars, to Sedans and SUVs.

Vezo 360-Degree Dash Cam

Well for the most fundamental thing is about selecting any dash cam, is its ability to record high quality video. Besides that, it should be angular so that it covers all the things. The new Vezo 360-degree dash cam is first dash cam to have 4K, 360 degree video recording. Not only has it captured the quality video inside but around the car as well.

Other than its video recording, the unique and essential feature is its alarming or warning system. The company ArVizon says that the dash cam is equipped with most intelligent AI tracking system. It worked with the behavior, expressional changes from mouth and eyes.  Basically, it uses a machine learning algorithm (AI) to detect signs of drowsiness. This algorithm takes its cues from changes in the driver’s eyes and mouth, and sounds an alarm at differing intensities depending on how severe a wake-up call is needed.

While the other features include a dual lens setup captures 4K video in all directions. Else it also keep I eye on the surroundings in case of break-in. the dash cam can be connected with internet over 4G and Wi-Fi and your phone over Bluetooth. So it allows for remote livestreams of the action from the car.