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As Samsung has announced its first folding flagship phone, many experts has tested its opening and folding. With some exceptions, almost every expert is with opinion that it is fun to open and fold the Samsung Galaxy Fold. On the other hand, users will be used to bigger screen after sometime. Actual Samsung Galaxy Fold will formerly available in the market later this month.

Besides that the folding phone will not have access to 5G as experts say, and it will take time to manage the folding screen. But the folding system is secure to use.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Feels

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of just two important first series folding phones, alongside the Huawei Mate X. They represent two ways to tackle a phone that’s also kind-of a tablet. As the Huawei screen is outside, while Galaxy Folding screen is inside.  On the other hand, mobile game graphics reached a level of reliability that’s more than enough to be appreciated on a 5-inch display a long time ago. But this Samsung phone has 7.3 inch bigger screen.

That large foldable panel has a 4.2:3 aspect ratio, with a QXGA+ resolution is 1,536 x 2,152. And alongside it is made from an “advanced composite polymer,” which is a sturdier type of plastic. Besides the larger inside screen, the two sides of the Fold shuts magnetically and when closed the device is much easier to maneuver with one hand. On the outside, the phone has a 4.6-inch screen with an 840 x 1,960 resolution.

While coming to using the different apps on the folding phone, like Google Maps or YouTube on the outside screen. It opens up the phone and the app automatically expands to take up that larger inner display.

Last but the important one is, it price. The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold price is $1,980. And this makes it the most expensive smartphones on the market. But it is pretty much similar to the cost of the forthcoming foldable Huawei Mate X.