Withings comes up with the Health Mate App and its connecting watch Steel HR Sport. While talking about the Withings Health Mate App, the connecting the scales up to the app is a insignificantly easy task. User can do it Bluetooth, and once you have the scales on your Wi-Fi network, they’ll automatically upload any measurements. Besides that, if user wanted to have scale for more than one person Health Mate app allows you to make the profiles. And it’ll be smart enough to assign incoming readings to the relevant person.

The app’s interface is really easy to use and attractive. Users don’t need to reduce it to any great extent; it quickly accepted that what user desired to see. You can see the weight measurements, details about the body fat and other things with accuracy.

Withings Health Mate App and Steel HR Sport

Besides that Health Mate App, there is Withings’ flagship health-tracking watch, the Steel HR Sport. It is the perfect partner with the Withings app; the company’s watch is light, elegant, and devoutly minimalist about its technology. On the other hand, the steel HR Sport is thin, which most smartwatches are not. It’s good-looking, which most smartwatches are not. And it lasts for close to a month on a charge, which most smartwatches cannot even dream of doing.

Take away the black circle that houses a monochrome OLED display, and it’s just a pretty gear watch with a curious complication at the bottom. While pressing the single button on the side of the watch cycles through a selection of options for the OLED screen, including checking notifications and messages,

The Steel HR Sport also has you completing circles, as the red hand in its lower half tracks the percentage of your daily step goal that you’ve completed so far. Using a average strap attachment, the Steel HR Sport makes it easy to put your own styling to it, and I made use of that freedom. The silicone strap that comes with the watch is nice and soft.