Music enthusiastic always pays double for the treat listening, as they pay for speakers and for separate stand as well. But not now, get concept 300. Each Concept 300 speaker comes with an aluminum tripod stand that is an exceptional example of form meets function. Q Acoustics is recognized as a high-end audiophile speaker’s manufacturer. Recently, they introduce the concept 300 speakers with stand.

Well the speakers are itself are the best in nature but the stand is also magnificent. The Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers are three two-tone colors schemes. It includes, the Black and Rosewood, Silver and Ebony, or White and Oak.

Concept 300 Speakers

When talking about the major difference between first-class sound and unclear sound is ensuring that only the right types of vibration reach your ears. It’s an obsession of speaker manufacturers and audiophiles alike, and is at thec enter of the new Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers.

Concept 300 is a hi-fi pair, the loudspeakers, tend to remove unnecessary vibrations when outputting sound. But the team has managed it in an incredibly elegant way, and the design is also stylish. Not only that, it also improves on the overall integrity of the output itself.

The concept 300 speakers are heavy, carries 33 pounds each. They contain a 6.5-inch mid/bass driver, along with a 1.1-inch high-frequency driver. That mid-bass driver is held in place with spring-tensioned retaining bolts, which serves two purposes. It allows for a more pleasant aesthetic, as the screws are hidden, and also keeps torque constant without needing adjustment.

Last but not the least, the stand, The Q Acoustics Tensegrity stand is made up of three stainless steel tubes. These are arranged in a tripod shape for maximum stability, and supported by steel cables to keep everything together. Not only it has stylish design, Tensegrity’s tiny surface area helps remove the vibrations.