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Previously known by Xbox Project Scarlett, Xbox Series X is the name of next-generation Xbox gaming console expected to be released in late 2020. It was officially unveiled at The Game Awards 2019 with a trailer that revealed the next Xbox’s latest blocky design. Here is a complete review of Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will be little different in shape and title from its ancestors, wearing a blockier vogue that’s similar to that of a small gaming PC – with an elevated tower design and large.

A Complete Review of Xbox Series X


We now know what Xbox Series X looks like and what it’s carrying under the hood, and it’s growing up to be an ideal device of a console. The next Xbox’s gaming PC design is much tending, regarding the next-gen console’s internal hardware, which is similar to one.

Xbox Series X Specs

Using a custom-designed processor from AMD making use of Zen 2 and Navi architecture, Xbox Series X is four times more robust than the Xbox One X. It’ll be competent in running games at 120Hz frame rates, at likely 8K resolutions, while also showcasing elegant real-time ray-tracing tech. It’s the works.

Xbox Series X design

An SSD will come as standard, as with the PS5, which will give it the benefit of using its storage system as virtual RAM, as well as lifting load time performance by a factor of 40x. That’ll allow developers to stream in far more elaborate worlds around a player. In terms of ‘standard’ RAM, the console will pack in a tough GDDR6.

Xbox Series X details

Also, benchmark results have appeared online for an AMD ‘Flute’ system-on-a-chip (SoC), leading some to consider that this could be the hardware that will power Xbox Series X.

We know that Microsoft is working with AMD to create a custom SoC that consolidates a processor and graphics card for the next Xbox. According to the benchmark results, the AMD Flute SoC will come with eight Zen 2 cores, 16 threads, and SMT capability.

Xbox Series X is new name of Xbox Project Scarlett

Xbox Series x Controller

Microsoft is releasing a next-generation controller to accompany its next-generation console. The Xbox Wireless Controller will apparently be more convenient to everyone, as Microsoft has attempted to improve the size and appearance.

Xbox Series x Controller

Along with improved convenience, we’ll also be getting a dedicated share button (eventually) that will allow you to share screenshots and videos with your friends.

Xbox Series X Games

Phil Spencer who is executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft has promised that the Xbox Series X will be a new future of gaming. He also affirmed that 15 Xbox Game Studios are making a large next-generation library that includes Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga. Halo Infinite has been confirmed to be an Xbox Series X launch title.

Xbox Series X Games

Release Date

It is expected that the Xbox Series X console will be launched in the ‘holiday’ span of 2020. That’s amid October and December of 2020, and just in time for Christmas. We’re thinking a November release is most hopeful. It’s the identical kind of launch season we’re awaiting Sony to have for its PS5, too. Santa’s going to be a diligent guy next year.

Xbox Series X price

Xbox Series X Price

Microsoft won’t be fastened down on a cost point entirely yet – unsurprisingly, given what a sensitive flaw the price of the Xbox One was for enthusiasts. At launch, the initial Xbox One cost a huge $499 / £429 / AU$599, which was immediately reduced when Microsoft realized a big insufficiency in sales.

Xbox Series X release date

The price will at least in part be defined by the cost of the components going into the console: Xbox Scarlett or Xbox Series X is going to be much more robust gaming console than either the Xbox One S or Xbox One X, and that could suggest that we should start expecting even higher price tag. 

Xbox Series X details