Well it seems that Xbox is struggling with its own kind of wireless headphones for their game. So, for the reason the company is depended either on Stealth series or to find best wired headphones your Xbox One. Now SteelSeries is aiming to step things up a notch with the Steel Arctis 9X, headphones. It is a new headset with native wireless support for the Xbox One. As earlier Xbox gamers have to find an adapter to attach wired headphones because Xbox lacks this facility and Microsoft did not came up with their own version.

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X is among the best wireless headphone for games and gives an option for wireless connectivity with the Xbox. Not only it gives great sound but delivers SteelSeries’ signature comfortable fit.

Steel Arctis 9X for Xbox One

It says that for headphones the design is very important, going through the details about design, it has large, plain black ear cups. Besides that they have an adjustable headband underneath a rigid metal arc. According to the SteelSeries, it is “ski-goggles” design; and one of the most comfortable fits on the market.

For this time around, the strap has a tasteful pattern in Xbox green, but it’s perfectly wearable outside the house. The Arctis 9X pairs with the Xbox One just like a controller. Then hit the wireless pairing button on the console and headset at the same time, and wait for them to connect.

In order to get the connectivity, SteelSeries says it worked with Microsoft for these wireless headphones. They develop the Arctis 9X to make sure it took full advantage of their proprietary wireless connectivity.

Alongside other features, off course there’s also Bluetooth connectivity on the Arctis 9X. Even better, it lets you mix that input together with the Xbox One’s audio. So, it allows the user to continue a phone call or Discord conversation while still hearing your game-play. While $200, these wireless headphones are specially meant for Xbox One.

While talking about the features, last but not the least, SteelSeries Arctis 9X can last up to 20 hours on a single charge.  On the other hand, there’s no way to look at battery levels, but user will have notifications like “Medium” or “Low” battery level.