Now it’s the era of smart gadgets and companies are making their products with smart tech. Besides the innovations in other gadgets, there security gadgets are also getting smarter. Well for some, security is the important element for home, offices or other work place. So, entering in to the smart security system, Yale’s voice-controlled security cameras are making its mark. The company has introduced All in- One camera with light and sound.

According to the company, Yale’s voice-controlled security camera will shine and produces sound once it detects the intruder. So, the smart features of the security camera will keep you safe.

Yale’s Voice-controlled Security Camera

Going in to details of Yale security camera, the All in-One has ability to record high resolution video upto 1080p. Alongside, the camera features a night vision mode for the monitoring. Besides that, Yale’s voice-controlled security camera is equipped with inbuilt-in spotlight with adjustable brightness. And it can be set to auto light up when the IR sensor detects motion. Not only that, it will immediately alert you with siren when unwanted visitor approaches.

Being to be used outside, so the camera has IP65 weather-proofing. That makes it a good fit for mounting outside. You can use it inside as well.  It also has a SD card storage to allow more storage.

The important feature is that, with the help of Yale View app, event notifications can be sent to the smartphones. The smart camera has ability to work with Amazon Alexa through devices like the Echo Show and Echo Spot. So, it enables you to ask the security camera to show the desired location. You can ask it to show the front door. Moreover you talk with using the integrated microphone and speaker.