From power banks to travel adapters, Zendure always made sure to make our mobile life simpler and more convenient. The ZenPods ultralight true wireless earbuds is an amazing engineering achievement with a 13-mm driver, active and surrounding noise cancellation, understandable tap controls, a bar-raising ultralight weight of 4.2 grams, all for at a much more reasonable price.

Zendure offers the ZenPods in two color variants; glossy, classic white, and an eye-catching metallic blue producing high-quality music and voice into our ears, no matter where we are.

ZenPods True Wireless Earbuds

The built-in charging case fit in the palm of the hand and, although the whole case is amazingly light, it felt qualitatively solid. The earbuds’ coloration and weight profile exactly imitate that of their case – there’s an unclear but especially pleasant quality that’s balanced somewhere in each ultralight ZenPod.

ZenPods True Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality

The technology enclosed within the ultralight earbuds is conceptually simplistic but amazingly powerful:

13-mm Dynamic Driver produces high accuracy like you never felt before. The driver is the part that provides sound quality: heavy bass, true mid, crescent treble. At 13 mm, Zendure’s composite driver is twice the diameter of drivers seen in other big names wireless earbuds.

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Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) algorithmically diminishes ambient noise up to 30 dB and moderates your impulse to crank up the volume in louder surroundings.

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Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) algorithmically emphasizes your speaking voice and cuts out the ambient background noise. A strong device for Zoom meetings, phone calls, and dictation.

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Transparency Mode “will let the sound from the outside flow right in” and is perfect for conditions needing your comprehensive alertness.

Zendure earbuds

Connectivity and Functionality

The ZenPods’ less sensory-targeted feature-set is pretty mega, too:

Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity supplies automatic, out-of-the-case phone pairing and extra-low audio latency (only 80 milliseconds of lag). The latter is a particular lot of sustenance for you gaming enthusiasts and streaming queens out there.

ZenPods True Wireless Earbuds

Intuitive Touch Controls – although not amazingly instinctive right off the stick – are astonishingly responsive and reliable without fail. After a little training, the tap-based controls felt second-nature. The combinations are extensive and allow the user to rotate through all three listening modes (ANC On, Transparency, ANC Off), control playback, answer/ignore/end phone calls, and rouse their phone’s voice assistant.

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22-Hour Battery Life, including 6.5 hours for the fully-charged earbud set with 15.5 hours stored within the USB-C charging case.

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ZenPods Ultralight True Wireless Earbuds review