While talking about the SUV’s, the first thought comes in my mind is “WOW”, it should be unique, sexy, daring and when it moves on road people should move their eyes to see that giant. When it comes to Mercedes Benz, I would definitely say, yes, yes and yes, here you are. Mercedes Benz since 1979 is manufacturing the SUV’s both for military and civilians buyers. In 2019 Mercedes Benz come up with two models of G-Class, G 550 and AMG G 63 with no rivals in the motor world definitely not, when it comes to off road experience.  Well the new G Class wagons are built, fitted and tailored by hand which gives you feel about the manufacturer how they care and feel about their buyers.

When it comes to the performance, here you feel the G-class wagons have no match, the G 550 have an advance V8 bi-turbo engines, which generates 416 horse powers from compact 4.0 liters produces 450 lb-ft of torque, which helps the giant to reach 0mph to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds, which gives the buyer the ultimate speed thrill, other performance features includes a hot inside V turbo layout, patented low friction  registered Nano-Solid cylinder walls and ECO start/stop system. When it comes to SUV’s performance during off road, the new G-Class is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive system which sends powers to all 4 wheels, its 4-ETS helps the vehicle to have more grip on road while travelling on snowy and wet roads.

The second-generation G class Mercedes Benz is timeless and fearless, the new G550 4x4 has gear driven portal axles and 22-inch wheels enable it to create over 17 inches of ground clearance, which helps the buyer to move smoothly, comfortable and within control of the drive.

The other models which Mercedes Benz launched is two most powerful, strong and muscular in G-Class are the 563-hp V8 AMG G63 and 621-hp V12 Engine AMG G65, it’s teamed with an AMG SPEEDSHIFT® PLUS 7-speed and 20- or 21-inch AMG® wheels and wrapped in exquisite luxury.

When it comes to technology, it goes beyond what the technology means, the makers ensured the theme of providing the driver the safe, luxury, ease and easier driving. Mercedes Benz G-Class manufacturer introduce the active distance assistant cruise control radar system helps the driver to control the speed and adapt the speed to the flow and nature of traffic, stop and go feature, blind spot assistant, a rearview camera and active parking system, its help the driver to have clear idea of the surroundings, for added safety when changing lanes or driving through narrow quarters.  Now the other dynamic features move the driver is the adaptability of the new G-Class to the extreme conditions, here comes what the second-generation G wagons built for, during the extreme weather conditions like electric heating of the windshield, side mirrors and rear window to heated seats, and winter’s harshness even the before the engine warms up.

The primarily production of G-Class wagons is redefining the quality of handling the SUV’s both on road and off road, the new G-Wagons produced to perform better off road, with the ladder –type body frame, three differential locks that are full front, center, rear differential and Low Range off road gear reduction helps to drive in extreme drive ways. The new G mode in Mercedes Benz G-Class is sheer beauty by its new technology and international standard, the transaction of G-Class in to G-Mode gives the driver the ultimate experience in extreme conditions, as soon as the three differential locks are the Low-Range off-road reduction gear is engaging it starts working automatically. The G Mode drive you so smoothly through rough surface that it enjoys every bit of that path even in the steepest terrain. In addition to the three differentials and Low-Range gear the G Mode enable the drive to have 360-degree camera view to get more information regarding what is going outside, which allow the drive to see beyond the sightline of the wheel.

In conclusion by the using the modern skillful automobile engineering and efficient technology the new G-Class is 2.1 inches longer and 4.8 inches wider, but despite having that G-Class SUV’s are I still 375 lbs. lighter in weight.  With the using a combination of ultra-high-strength steel and aluminum, the second-generation G wagons have retained its classical look and the impressive performance, with the advantage of wider interior space. While talking about the interior you can have pure handmade leather seats with luxury and comfort, advanced entertainment stuff, navigational and communicational system, the central controlled color display, optional massage functions and integrated air chambers that fill or empty for better support based on the driving dynamics.

While speaking of driving aspects, the new G-Class gives you the freedom of driving in five different driving modes, that the Comfort, Sports mode, Eco, Individual mode and the all-new intelligent G-Mode. In all new G-Mode, the G wagons automatically adapts to the damping of the chassis, the steering and the acceleration, this mode helps the driver to avoid from unnecessary gear shifting, providing inch-perfect maneuvering, and here comes the beauty of this SUV even driving through the steepest roads and the most treacherous tracks.