There is a minute amount of people who have seen our beautiful planet from space and those who do are inevitably changed forever. Now it seems that looking at our planet and traveling in the space would be accessible to more people as some people are working on a technology to do so. Looking down to earth from the space is a great and eye-opening experience and this foundation-shaking experience is what Space Perspective is hoping to bring to the public in 2021.

Founded by balloon specialists Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective will carry eight passengers and one pilot 100,000 feet into the air on a six-hour journey to the edge of space. Earlier, SpaceX Crew Dragon was also launched for space research.

The Space Perspective

Just for the record, the Space Perspective will have 3x higher altitude than a commercial jet flies. It’s even higher than Lockheed U-2 spyplanes fly. And surprisingly, the carrier that does it, Spaceship Neptune, also has a bar.

The Space Perspective

The Ascent

As a passenger, you’ll begin your trip before dawn on the runway of a famous NASA facility on Florida’s Space Coast. The Neptune Capsule is cone-shaped, with deluxe leaning seats, wall-to-ceiling windows, and lavatory (because you’ll have the facility of a bar). Once everyone is aboard, the Neptune Capsule is elevated into the stratosphere by a hydrogen-filled space balloon the size of a football field. The trip up takes two hours, and you’ll get to see stars of exceptional brightness and dawn like you’ve never seen before. Luckily, there are very few physical requirements to qualify for the trip.

Spaceship Neptune

The World’s View

Once you reach the stratosphere, you’ll fly calmly above the planet for two hours. The spacecraft is roomy enough for weddings, corporate retreats, and all sorts of special events. A communications unit at the top of the capsule also enables you to live-stream your experiences to your grounded colleagues back on earth.

Space Travel

The huge windows are gold-tinted to shield you from UV rays, but provide a view unlike any other you’ve ever witnessed. There’s even an observation bubble at the top of the capsule, allowing a 360-degree space-flight experience. The crew at Space Perspective is fully equipped with former astronauts, NASA employees, engineers, meteorologists, and other experts.

A Balloon to Outer Space

The Descent

After hours of perspective-altering elevation, it’s time to start your two-hour descent. Spaceship Neptune is amazingly reliable and trustworthy – it is designed and built by some of the most skilled high-altitude balloon specialists in the world.

The Space Perspective

A sensor package onboard the capsule regularly delivers weather information to the pilot, and each flight is run with the help of NASA experts on the ground. An emergency parachute is constantly partially deployed and equipped to take over from the balloon at a moment’s notification. After you re-enter the atmosphere, your capsule will slide into the water near a ship standing by to commute you back to terra firma.

The Space Perspective - Spaceship Neptune

Your entire trip took six hours, but your perspective about seeing the world and outer space will be forever changed.

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