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Audi RS7 is truly a freak. It’s a combination of modern trends bolted together: touch screens plentiful, a mild-hybrid system, a fastback four-door body, turbochargers, four-wheel steering, an eye-catching price tag, and angry glare. It’s brought to life by a surprise of nearly 600 horsepower. Keep reading, we will give you a complete review of 2020 Audi RS7.

The former RS7 was slightly undervalued. It hardly seemed different than the more pedestrian A7 on which it was based, whereas the all-new second-generation car is something more exciting.

Complete Review of 2020 Audi RS7

Review of Audi RS7 2020

When Audi thought of building the 2020 model, they asked clients what they would like to change. Udo Rein, technical project manager for the RS7, told clients needed two things: the latest technology, and a wide-body kit, which is why Audi added those enlarged wheel curves. The muscle-bound RS7 now only gives four body panels with the conventional A7: roof, front doors, and trunk lid. The gaping air intakes on the front of the new RS7 make it seem like it is continuously yelling.

Complete Review of 2020 Audi RS7

The updated twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine now produces 591 horsepower (40 more than before) and 590 lb-ft of torque. Flatten the accelerator and 3.6 seconds later you’ll be making 100 km/h. That’s 0.3 seconds faster than before, but it doesn’t matter; it’s still slower than a Ludicrous Tesla and faster than you can surely enjoy professionally on the road. Horsepower is an arms race and automakers believe the best defense is a good offense.

2020 Audi RS7

The RS7’s most significant appearance modification is upfront, where it now displays a bezel-less, big size, hexagonal pattern grille bookended by a pair of extensive intakes that extend upward toward the car’s glowering LED headlamps. In outline, the RS7’s trademark teardrop shape flaunts the aforementioned blistered frames, along with model-specific side beams and unique 21- or 22-inch alloy wheels. Outback, a notable rear diffuser has a bridging factor that helps to maintain the sewer-pipe-size oval exhaust finishers.

 2020 Audi RS7

The RS7 has a few things working for it. First, Audi has the most attractive-looking cabin. Second, it feels and drives a little softer than the BMW, which makes it possibly a more suitable option as a regular driver.

Tech Specs

  • Base price: $121,000 (approximately)
  • Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbo V-8
  • Transmissions: Eight-speed automatic
  • Fuel economy (liters/100 km): 16.3 cities, 8.7 highway
  • Drive: All-wheel drive

Muscular Audi RS7 2020


The previous model had four seats and this one has five, but it’s still not the most efficient family car out there. The dashboard is the same as the new A6 sedan, which is to say tech-savvy with touch screens everywhere.

Muscular 2020 Audi RS7

Muscular 2020 Audi RS7


All-wheel steering is a pleasant addition, making the car easier to move and park. Optional 10-piston carbon-ceramic brakes look fabulous but aren’t mandatory.


A latest mild-hybrid system is supposed to save 0.8 l/100 km of fuel in real-world driving. If you’re in the demand for a monster like this, you presumably don’t bother much about eco-friendliness or fuel expenses.

Muscular 2020 Audi RS7

Connectivity and Infotainment

Every RS7 is furnished with a fashionable infotainment system that works via two touchscreens that smoothly blend into the upper dashboard and flowing center console. Although Audi hasn’t revealed the complete list of standard and optional features, we’re positive the RS will have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a mobile hotspot as seen on other 2020 models.

Muscular 2020 Audi RS7

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The 2020 RS7 Sportback hasn’t gone through the crash test by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Still, Audi does allow a host of driver assistance technology. Essential safety features comprise of:

  • Available 360-degree camera system
  • Available adaptive cruise control
  • Available blind-spot monitoring

Complete Review of 2020 Audi RS7

2020 Audi RS7