New era demands new, modern, fuel sufficient and alternative sources of fueling to any industries, thus the automobile industry and manufacturer are producing their products which moves around on alternative sources of fuel besides the traditional ones like petrol, diesel and gasoline, so keeping in view the world renown automobile manufacturer Audi has introduced its new electric super car with e-tron modern and modified technology.

The German Automaker has unveiled its E-Tron electric prototype supercar PB-18, at Pebble Beach Automotive week in Monterey California. This electric concept supercar is named by Audi as LeMans Series winner or you can say it as the winner for men series.

The press release released by Audi says “The abbreviated name for Audi Premier, Audi PB18 e-tron, which refers to Pebble Beach venue and the year of debut. It likewise recalls the LeMans-series winner Audi PB18 e-tron, whose technology inspired the solution for various details. The styling of the Audi PB 18 e-tron was developed at new Malibu Design Loft”.

This is not the first time that Audi has produced and launched an electric supercar. Earlier Audi has built a battery-powered edition of an Audi called R8, which was initially marketed as the “Audi e-tron”. E-tron technology was first introduced by Audi in year 2009 and stopped its production in 2016. The automaker announced that it can take travel up to 280 miles with a single charge and can reach a speed from zero to 62 Mph amazingly in just over 2.0 seconds, enable it to have 310 miles with full charge batteries.

The car is powered by three electric motors, outputting up to 570 kW (764 horsepower). The weight of the concept car is 3400 lb., about 1550 kg. The e-tron is equipped with all-wheel drive system, which has one motor per wheel at the rear, mounted on half-shafts. The front motor has power output of 201 HP to the front axle, while at the rear axle, it carries up to 603 HP to the rear wheels.  The maximum output is combined at (671 HP) with advancing permitting it up to 570 kW for short bursts. Combined torque output is 830 newton meters (612 pound-feet).

This supercar PB 18 e-tron with laser high beam headlight has length of 4.53 meters, with width of 2 meters and height is 1.15 meters i.e. is (14.5 x 6.4 x 4.6 ft.). The wheelbase is 2.7 m (8.9 ft.). Cargo space is remarkably decent 470 liters (16.6 cubic feet). A luggage set designed to have a custom fit in the cargo space of the PB 18 e-tron has also been designed. The concept car has a solid-state battery of 95-kWh unit that is liquid cooled, and has an 800-volt charging input for race-ready recharges of just 15 minutes from zero. Other than this battery-operated induction charging, and standard outlet plug-in charging is also available on this concept car.

The e-tron prototype concept car is drive by wire system, the steering, and acceleration and the intelligent and powerful braking are controlled by the computer rather manually or mechanically. While OLED surface under the windscreen’s edge can tell you about innumerable of data, which includes perfect lines through a curve on the track, navigation instructions on the roadway and other very vital vehicle information.

According to Audi Official this new Prototype EV cars are designed study for the perfectionist sports car of the coming era.