The extremely rare Milan red endeavors for much more than speeds. The Milan Red is named for the Red Kite, a medium-sized bird of prey in the same raptor family as eagles, hawks, and falcons. That’s why it glides hunts and attacks with impressive skill. The incredible power under its signature dive is ready to be unleashed at any moment. This bird of prey is the inspiration for MILAN’s distinctive logo and represents the incarnation of the hyper-car definition of gliding, hunting and attacking.


The Red’s appears to put a priority on function above form. Front huge vents, rear, and side create a vehicle that looks purposeful, they also cut up the design to lend a less organized style to the outside.

The Performance

The hypercar market is relative smaller and limited. As there are very few people that can afford to drop a million dollars or more on a vehicle. The Austrian automaker Milan believes that it has something different to offer this wealthy clientele with the new Red hypercar. The low-slung coupe features a quad-turbo 6.2-liter V8 that produces a claimed 1,307 horsepower and 1,303 pound-feet (1,400 Newton-meters) of torque. That allows the car to hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 2.47 seconds and a top speed above 249 mph (400 kph).

Milan Red is a step ahead; it uses carbon fiber suspension arms and laser-sintered titanium hub carriers. The suspension is pull rod design, and features a third spring system that keeps the car from compressing too low to the ground as the result of aerodynamic down-force at high speeds.

Milan Automotive CEO Markus Fux said, “Nowadays you can drive an artistic car, a high-tech-monster, and a throne on four wheels— or a car that serves only one purpose: stealing everyone the show. And this is where we come into play”.

Milan has already received 18 orders for the planned production run of 99 examples of the $2 million Milan Red. The name, incidentally, doesn’t refer to the paint color, but to a falcon the company said inspired the car.