With modern designed tools, one can maintain the health issue and make the body in shape. Some time you feel sorry for not going to gym for the workouts. Well other issues like harshness of weather like rainy days, snowing and you don’t have time to go to the trainer or gym. But not now with smart trainer like KICKR CORE sets a home make you feel training a gym. So, stop blaming the weather and time, get your trainer and feel an energetic exercise to maintain the body and health.

The sensational KICKR CORE is the most modern in Wahoo’s production of smart indoor bike trainers. It gives a precise, realistic, and practical indoor training bike riding experience. The KICKR CORE indoor trainer is built with the stability to withstand all of your indoor training sessions; this smart trainer also has Zwift and Trainer Road.

KICKR CORE is direct-drive smart trainer to plug the gap between the wheel-on Kickr Snap trainer and the flapship Kickr. They have been redesigned to provide noise feel turbo training exercise experience. The Wahoo KICKR Core Smart is perfect model for everyone, for those who are conscious about the affordability with more features for better and smooth training. And for those who wanted a strong cycling exercise performance, because it has 1800 watt power maximum. This bike ride smart indoor trainer is well-suited with the KICKR; you can fully devote yourself in your indoor training, with reliable and accurate results.

Wahoo Fitness CEO Chip Hawkins said about this new machine, “With these new Kickrs, we’re continuing to refine and improve the experience of indoor training; The newest versions offer cyclists the quietest, most realistic ride feel we’ve ever created.”

KICKR Core turbo has a 5.4 kg flywheel makes it slightly lighter, but it really gives you a strong and stable ride feel. If you feel to climb, or looking for sprint, with the maximum 16-percent grade and auto resistance are sure to challenge you. Besides that you can hook up with any app you wanted to use with your core. This turbo indoor smart bike trainer connects you with any app through ANT+ FE-C, ANT+ Power or Bluetooth. It also connects with heart rate and speed sensors with Ant+ or Bluetooth to deliver an automatic or manually-controlled blast of air up to 30mph, which a bike rider feels and coup with during outdoor cycling. But with this turbo you can feel the same air resistance heat but in cooler indoor situation.