In such busy hours of life, not every man can go to gym in order to maintain its body or to reduce the body fats. Despite the hectic routine and heavy work load, men also wanted to look fit, healthy and proper in shape. On the other hand, most of men hate cardio because of its nature, it’s working out trend, and some says cardio is boring, increased heart beats, starving for oxygen, cough, hands on back and on knees, etc. But research says that cardio is not as bad as one can imagine. It burns more fats than running and you can do it according to your convenience, when you don’t have enough space or equipments you required to do cardio at home.

Here are few cardio exercises which you can do at home, or anywhere when you have time:

Jumping Jacks:

This is very simple exercise you can do it by jumping repeatedly the feet wide while circling the arms circled overhead, again and again for half a minute to one or two minutes. Then you can have other exercises like marching, jumping the rope and jogging in a place in a stationary position. So, all these exercises will burn huge number of calories in just 5 to 10 minutes exercise.

Then the other exercise is single legged knee to your left and then right elbow for 30 seconds to one minute by pressing your single knee upwards while your arm moves downwards to the same knee. After this you can have side planks with a hand on your hip dipping low and then again with your arm is raises up wards and downwards for around about 30 to 60 seconds. Knee Scratchers (left and right) for one minute, then plank with Fire Hydrant with both left and right knee for a one minute.

There is also number of other Cardio Exercises as following;

  • Squat Jump, Drop Squat and Box Squat Jump
  • Step-up, Split and Skater Jumps
  • High Knee Running, Running Lunge
  • In and out Squat
  • Single – Leg Swing
  • Rotational and Low Rotational- Chop
  • Mountain Climber Switch, Running and Spider like Mountain Climber
  • Side to side and Diagonal Mountain Climber
  • Seal, Plank, Predator and Jumping Jack
  • Bear Crawls
  • Low Box Runner
  • Burpee
  • Alternating and Fast Feet Exercise
  • Front to Back and Side to Side Hop Exercise
  • Plank Exercises

Well there are lot more other Cardio exercises, but you have to choose among them according to your convenience and ease. Cardio work out involves any form of exercise which increases your heart rate in order to improve your body’s ability to use oxygen. While talking about the advantages or gain what you achieve after such a tough work out, the cardio-vascular exercises are important as it helps in improving the fitness level, it lower blood pressure and reduces the chances of heart attack.