Giving shape to your chest muscles in the gym requires a combination of hard work, proper exercise selection and intelligent dieting. Drawing out more definition in your chest muscles requires hard work, so it is not easy. The exercises you choose must target your chest from all angles, and you’ll need to restrict your diet to help you burn through fat that lies on top of your chest, hiding your muscles.

The best workout for your chest muscles has to take into consideration how your chest muscles work. The pectoralis major, the major chest muscle, has a few purposes. It brings your arms together horizontally, like a bird flapping its wings.

Barbell Bench Press

The bench press also allows you to use a lot of resistance, which helps develop your chest muscles. You should have a partner spot you during this exercise to make sure that you can lift the weight. Well this exercise has different steps, lie down on a bench. Line up with the barbell directly over your eyes. Your feet should be flat on the ground. Then grab the barbell slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Let the weight settle and ensure your upper back remains tight after liftoff. Allow the bar to descend slowly by unlocking the elbows. Lower the bar in a straight line to touch the chest. Drive your feet into the floor for leg drive, and extending the elbows. There are many sub-exercises in the Barbell Bench Press.

Dumbbell Fly

This exercise focuses on the pectoralis major and takes stress off of the arm muscles. You should do it after the bench press because it requires less focus. Lie down on a bench, holding dumbbells above you with your elbows straight. Your knuckles should face out to the sides, with your hands in a neutral grip. Slowly spread your arms apart, with your elbows slightly bent, aiming your knuckles down towards the floor. Then lower your arms until your knuckles are in line with your chest. Raise the dumbbells back up, bringing your hands back together over your body with your elbows slightly bent.

Dumbbell Pullover

This is a chest muscle that works a different angle of the Pecs than the bench press or dumbbell fly. It also activates the triceps and a back muscle more than the bench press. Place a dumbbell standing up on a flat bench. Make certain that the dumbbell stays securely placed at the top of the bench. Lie perpendicular to the bench with only your shoulders lying on the surface. Clutch the dumbbell with both hands and hold it straight over your chest at arm’s length. Keeping your elbows slightly bent, reach your arms back over your head until your biceps are close to your ears. Pull the dumbbell back up, keeping your elbows slightly bent, until it is over your chest once again.


The dip is one of the most excellent body-weight exercises you can do for your upper body. It trains your chest, shoulders, and triceps, and can be loaded with a dip belt to increase the difficulty. It’s also easy to learn, set up, and perform at just about any halfway decent gym.


The push-up is possibly one of the oldest and most popular upper body exercises in the world, and for good reason. You can do it anywhere, it doesn’t require any equipment. You can make it more tough by moving your feet, wearing a backpack or weighted vest. The problem with the push-up, though, is that as you get stronger it becomes harder and harder to increase the difficulty. This makes it an excellent exercise for easing your way into lifting or maintaining your fitness.