People in this fast world don’t have time to go to some restaurants, then give them the order and then eat. Most of people in current world consider this activity as a waste of time. But still most of them used the traditional way for having a food outside the home. With world of information technology and introduction of apps have made the things easier for the people. So, people use the food apps to order their favorite foods, besides the foods app restaurants have now their own food app as well. Australia is far located country of the world, but if you’re living in Australia, here are some of the best foods Apps for Australia.

These Food apps for Australia have widespread coverage across Sydney, Melbourne and the remaining capital cities, with services to regional areas expanding over time. A few swipes of a touch-screen is all it takes to make those meal plans come true.


It is the widespread food service app in the whole country. Menulog delivers food to 90% of areas in Australia. So, with this app people can order food or they have menu from 11,000 plus restaurants covering 70 different cuisines. The app features user reviews, and many restaurants offer a 25% discount if it’s your first time ordering. You can also add alcohol to your meal and Menulog will deliver it.

Uber Eats

The Ride-sharing app turned delivery service Uber Eats will help you find the best local dishes. Now people can have delivery in fastest possible manner. So foodies can pick the menu form the local restaurants and fast food favorites or go directly to what you want by cuisine. You can pay for food through the Uber account. Well it can also deliver alcohol wish meal as well.


With Deliveroo’s wide-ranging range of restaurants with food will be delivered to your house in just 30 minutes. But if you have given an order form the 5 star hotels, it will take bit longer. The Deliveroo app tracks the rider in real time, and if your meal includes alcohol, they can deliver that too. There are even catering options for work functions. You’ll earn 1000 Qantas Points for your first-ever Deliveroo order. So, order as many as from the food app an get more points to enjoy meal.

Vegetarian App, Happy Cow

This one is for the vegans and vegetarians or anyone looking for a healthier alternative. Happy Cow doesn’t deliver the food. Instead, this app recommends local restaurants, health food stores, grocers and farmers markets perfect for that meatless dish. It’s everything you need to reignite a fleeting New Year’s diet.