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It’s been three years since BioLite introduced the FirePit that was a portable, smokeless wood and charcoal-burning fire pit grill to let you cook wherever you want. Now, the company is back to upgrade the older version by introducing the all-new BioLite FirePit Accessory Set. This latest package includes a cast iron Griddle, Grill Lid, and small but extremely useful Prep & Grill Toolkit.

Biolite FirePit Accessory Set includes all the essentials tools that you needed to cook wherever and whenever you want. It is a great tool for you are an outdoor person and love campfire cooking.

BioLite FirePit Accessory Set

Many innovative upgrades made the original FirePit an overnight success, as if the traditional campfire and an app had a 20-pound, Bluetooth-capable newborn: smokeless four-log room and charcoal compatibility, hibachi-style grill grate, X-Ray mesh body design for 360-degree flame observing and heating, a USB airflow powerpack with different levels of air-jet power, up to 24 hours of continuous fanning power, Bluetooth and manual fan control optionsand much more.

BioLite FirePit Accessory Set

No Assembly Required

The FirePit’s Griddle, Grill Lid, and Prep & Grill Toolkit are dependable out of the chest; nothing to hit, no requirement to thumb through a manual. The Griddle is heavy. The Grill Lid’s shape is simple – a steel cover painted in black ceramic(s) finish. It’s something like a four-sided sibling to the traditional kettle-style grill. And the high-quality roll-up Toolkit appeals to the established grillmaster aesthetic.


The Griddle

The Griddle uses a pre-seasoned, nonstick cookery exterior that clocks in at an impressive, evenly-heating 130 square inches, and the high mounted ring stops your food from rolling off or dropping into the fire.

Outdoor cooking

BioLite was smart in manufacturing the Griddle fit the FirePit with or without the grill grate in position. This two-in-one adaptability reduces the requirement to remove and carefully stow a heated grill before firing up the Griddle for your next sessions. Alternatively, the Griddle outfits securely on the FirePit’s inset mouth so that you can get to griddling without the grate for assistance.


The Grill Lid

Custom built to rest neat on the FirePit’s lip and arc over its fixed grips, the Lid traverses 27 inches long by 13 inches over at the base. Atop the Lid lies a round exhaust damper formed of uncoated steel and a couple of folding steel holders covered in heatproof black rubber tubing. The exhaust damper arrangement is a simplistic, rotating system, usually seen on other kettle grills, and has a 1.5″ tab for maneuvering.

BioLite FirePit Accessory Set

The Prep & Grill Toolkit

And finally, there’s the roll-up grilling appliance kit, which includes generously polished stainless steel essentials: a Santoku knife and scabbard, extra-long handled spatula and tongs, and roll-up mat to keep them all in sequence. The extra-long handle design and rust-proof stainless-steel features are friendly, like the spatula’s bottle opener cutout and the mat’s various tool-specific sections. These mingled features make the Toolkit deserving of a grillmaster’s praise in its favor.

Outdoor cooking grill


BioLite has just delivered the accessory list, and each item is available for individual sale or as part of the collective Cook Accessory Set.

  • Cast Iron Griddle, MSRP $50
  • Enamel Coated Grill Lid, MSRP $60
  • Prep & Grill Toolkit, MSRP $40

Simultaneously with the innovative lineup, BioLite is releasing many bundled kits for the FirePit. It’s worth regarding that the packages are listed at 10% off MSRP of the non-bundled elements:

Cook Accessory Set, $142 (10% off MSRP $158)

  •  Includes: Griddle, Lid, Prep & Grill Toolkit, and BioLite Bandana

FirePit Cooking Kit, $373 (10% off MSRP $415)

  •  Includes: FirePit, Griddle, Lid, Prep & Grill Toolkit, and Biolite’s Fueled by Fire Cookbook

FirePit Starter Kit, $340 (10% off MSRP $380)

  •  Includes: FirePit, FireMat, FirePoker, and Solar Carry Case