Sometimes, you find the world a very threatening place, so why not do something to make our self-defense strong for unexpected situations? It’s crucial to keep some defense tools that make you feel relaxed. The last thing you want to do is continually worry about it in your pocket, bags, or wherever else you hold it. Luckily, there are a variety of self-defense gadgets to choose from, each with its own unique protecting potential.

We’ve listed our suggestions from most competitive to least competitive. Keep scrolling to find a carry gadget that satisfies your satisfaction level.

Best Self Defense Gadgets

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

The most familiar thing you can have to defend yourself with a pistol without being fatal, the Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun acts a lot like a pistol but instead of filling your enemy with lead, you’re deceiving them with pepper spray!

Regular pepper spray deployment methods have a significant defect and that is range. An intruder can cover regular pepper spray systems effective range in about 2 seconds, which isn’t much time to deploy, take aim, and use efficiently for someone inexperienced and naive. The pepper spray gun has a range of over 150 feet, giving you significantly more time to respond and defend yourself.

Moreover, the pepper spray gun provides for up to 21 shots, assuring you’ve got lots of pepper for multiple attackers or, in some cases, a little extra for those who truly deserve it!

Best Self Defense Gadgets - Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun


The police use tasers to arrest criminal suspects. Civilians use them for self-defense, and some people use them on their colleagues for fun. But if you’ve ever seen a video of a real taser shocking a real person, then you realize that these are not mere toys. These robust, futuristic weapons are dense. Making them small enough to fit inside a pocket or pouch conveniently.

Some are handheld and need direct contact. Others are fired from a pistol using a gas canister. But they all carry a ruthless punch. And when used against an aggressor they can render them immobile to ensure your escape.

tasers - self defense tools

Tactical Pens

The best every day carries weapons double as common everyday gadgets. The tactical pen is an excellent example of this. It operates just like a pen; it seems just like a pen. But when danger raises its evil head, it can be used to jab, stab, and beat the living hell out of an enemy. Some of them even double as multi-tools. We’ve seen ones containing knives, scrapers, screwdrivers, and even flashlights.

For instance – The StrikePen is a complete pocketful of EDC tools turned into one milled aluminum package. From the bright LED flashlight to the interchangeable tooltips. The StrikePen is a fine piece of survival tool. The hard tungsten steel striker tip makes it an outstanding close-quarters weapon. Plus it doubles as an emergency glass breaker! The bottom line is if you know how to use a tactical pen accurately, it can stop an invader in their tracks.

tactical pens for self defense

Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is possibly an ideal self-defense weapon you can carry. In fact, within 20 feet a knife can be more efficient, and more dangerous, than a gun. We really relish the concept of taking a knife as your personal defense weapon because knives have various uses, even outside of self-defense.

You need a knife that is lightweight with a long enough blade to protect yourself, experts suggest at least three inches. But you also want to make sure that your knife is strong enough to hold up in a fight. A poorly made knife is nearly as bad as no knife at all. A TAC Force TF-705GY is a magnificent tactical knife to carry for self-defense. Not only is it lightweight and made out of strong 3 mm-thick stainless steel, but it also has a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry and keeps it from being hidden in your pocket or purse.

tactical knife for self defense

Vigilant Personal Alarm

Personal defense comes in many diverse patterns, and sometimes we need to rely on the help of others. But for someone to come to the rescue, they first need to know that you are in difficulty. Many self-defense classes will advise carrying a whistle or personal alarm, like this Vigilant Personal Alarm on Amazon that you can trigger when you need help.

What we savor about the Vigilant personal alarm is that it’s small and can be attached to your keys for easy access. And it’s loud. At 130 decibels, this alarm will grab the attention of anyone close by. Vigilant also provided this device with a backup whistle in case the alarm batteries fail.

Vigilant Personal Alarm - Best Self Defense Gadgets