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Scotland known to be the house of whiskies, it has produced the world best single malt scotches. The country is easily one of the most unique spirits around due to the cool, damp climate of its birth country. So, every bottle, every glass, every sip, therefore, acts as a time capsule into the years, decades, and half centuries prior. While whisky being the number one choice all over world, here are some of the best scotch collection.

The region is known for producing flavor profiles full of honey, vanilla, and fresh fruit such as apples or pears. Its whisky is both refined and elegant, aged often in sherry casks to over decades resulting in more dried fruit and the sweet spice flavor profiles.

The Glenlivet 18 Year

The Glenlivet transfers as a classic Speyside with a flavor profile full with notes of tannic oak, honey and walnut. Not only has that it also had delicate apple and orange pairings making their way forward with every additional sip. It’s got a spicy oak finish and overall boasts quite the significant but well-rounded banquet. It’s simply an all-around brilliant scotch.

Glenfiddich 18 Year

This whisky is matured in a mix of Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks yielding a flavor profile that’s heavy on the fruity side. This scotch is blend of grapefruit mixed with baked toffee apples on the nose, candied fruit, cinnamon, and toffee on the palate and finishes with salted toffee. It’s a typical Speyside that deserves serious recognition for its adherence and perfection of tradition.

Tomatin 18 Year, Sherry Cask

This 18-year single malt hosts a body more suggestive of winter. It features clove and cinnamon with a vanilla and fudge background, the palate is quite sweet and full. Tasters will detect hints of honey and barley sugar alongside toasted oak with chocolate, orange, and cocoa to round everything up. It also has a powerful finish as well with stress on tannic oak and a modicum of pepper.

Aberlour 18 Year

Earlier to 2008, Aberlour was out of reach. This rich and faintly spicy Highland scotch is now available. The nose is creamy, alluding to melted vanilla ice cream in combination with fruity and honeyed additions as well. Fresh apples and oranges grace the palate prior to tasting the sherry and vanilla from the cask. Just one pour and you’ll be immediately persuaded to try another.