The famous automobile German brand BMW is celebrating the 50 years with its Heritage Edition R nineT /5 bikes. The company launched the R series of bikes that brought forth a modern design to the world of two-wheelers. In order to celebrate five decades of originality and classic design, the 2019 BMW Motorrad 50th Anniversary Edition R nineT /5 honors the company’s historical roots. The company says that the bike is classic, authentic, original and air cooled.

The new BMW motorcycles perfectly matched an age explained by rock music and a powerful sense of freedom. For this, BMW introduces, a wide range of bold, bright body colors was available for the new /5 models.

BMW Heritage Edition R nineT /5

The most amazing thing in this bike is the color scheme and its outlook. The bike has nostalgic charm with a body finished in Lupine Blue metallic. Alongside that it has a smoky effect and a double line marking on the tank sporting the anniversary emblem. Thus, this eye catching motorcycle also has a double seat with cross-embossing on the cover, as well as Aluminum Silver coating on the engine, gearbox, wheel hubs, and spokes resembles the style of the /5.

Well, the motorcycle has completely newly developed chassis and engine along with a bright, modern design. The company made a permanent impact on the expanding motorcycle market of the time. The /5 models saw instant success, thrilling customers with a combination of riding dynamics on country roads and travel comfort.

On the other hand, the coating of the engine, gearbox, fork slider tubes, wheel hubs and spokes in Aluminum Silver also stylishly evokes the motorcycle. Besides that, the gears finished in black such as the frame and the propeller shaft casing.

Other than the cosmetic changes to the motorcycle, the R nineT, the /5 features the same 1,170 cc boxer engine and produces 110 horsepower.  The bike is equipped with spoke wheels, twin-disc brakes; ABS, heated grips, and a 2-in-1 exhaust system all come standard. Changes to the R nineT mostly revolve around the motorcycle’s outlook and style. The motorbike also has a heated grips, and Automatic Stability Control as well.