Finally, the French Automobiles Bugatti has unwrapped its limited addition 5.8 million dollars beast, and surprisingly you can’t buy it. As 40 cars which were announced are already sold, so a super luxury car with beauty, this super sports car tuned for quickness, agility and most favorable driving performance on winding roads, which is power-driven by Bugatti’s iconic e8.0-litre W16 engine with an output power of 1,500 PS.

The Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann said at Automobile event took place in Monterey California, “The Divo has significantly higher performance in terms of lateral acceleration, agility and cornering. The Divo is made for corners.”

The key features of New Bugatti Divo

The DIVO is unveiled on the 110th anniversary of the Bugatti, a perfect homage for their customers, introducing the sports car with the recollection of the brand’s coach-building tradition, with 40 vehicles only. Divo is 90 kg in weight, with the acceleration of 1.6g, with top speed of 380 KMH, and has eight second faster lap time on Nardo handling circuit.

The slick properties of this supercar are enhanced by a significant amount of modern engineering. The advance-designed, wide front spoiler provides higher down-force and guides more air to the front air inlets. While talking about the front cover, which is made especially with air intakes, build to reduce the effective cross sectional -area which helps in increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

For cooling down of the brakes, DIVO has 4 independent air sources on each side, with air travels from the high-pressure area above from the front bumper. While the Vanes gives ways the cold air to the brake discs, with heat shield  directs the hot air out through wheels, preventing the brakes from getting hot, and the temperature of the wheels remains in optimum range.

Besides all the DIVO also features the different driving modes, the modifiable rear spoiler performed as an air brake when moved forwards and is set to different angles for the individual driving modes. The rear spoiler is 1.83 meter wide which made it 23% wider than Chiron. This width gives an extra feature to the spoiler, helps in improving its efficiency and which results in the greater and efficient performance of air brake, with more improves efficiency and results in higher air brake performance as well as significantly more down-force which enables the car to stick to the ground and improves grip on the road during travelling in the corners.

The Design

Coming to the dynamic design of DIVO, the slimming down is always a trade mark of Bugatti. Body visualized as horizontal in shape equipped with special scheme of colors. While the upper part is fluid and heavy, with technical and angular lower part. The forceful appearance of wedge-shaped and high beltline push gives it a dynamic shape. With 35mm tall ultra-compact LED headlights, with daytime running lights on the outer edge of this super car makes it feel wider and greater.

While inside the car, the DIVO is equipped with DIVO racing blue gives a bleak visual split, with asymmetric color scheme focuses on the driver. The unique “Divo Racing Blue” is also used as an “Alcantara leather shade” in the inner part of the car, for a specific role by giving an optical tear in the interior surfaces. An additional stylistic connection is given between interior and exterior to develop the doors of car trimmer and seating area, which is make an inflated three-dimensional rhomboid structure with an algorithmic design, re defining the arrangement of the grille and rear lights.

The president of Bugatti Automobiles further said, “To date, a modern Bugatti has represented a perfect balance between high performance, straight-line dynamics and luxurious comfort. Within our possibilities, we have shifted the balance in the case of the Divo further towards lateral acceleration, agility and cornering,” Winkelmann added. “The Divo is made for bends”.