The whiskey lovers can find best whiskeys or bourbons anywhere and from any make, but Kentucky Bourbons are not replaceable. Some says that it doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky to qualify as bourbon. But with two centuries of whiskey-making experience, it’s safe to say the Bluegrass State knows what it’s doing when it comes to America’s favorite whiskey.

The Kentucky bourbons have a name in the world of whiskeys. The Kentucky bourbons are in Single barrel, double oaked, cask-strength, and small-batch. You can find them in just about every expression of delicious yellow fire is here.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon

All bourbon is grain plus water, fermented, distilled and aged. Woodford Reserve calls these the “five sources of flavor” and their Double Oaked plays around with the flavor delivered by that last source: the aging process. After spending time in its first charred oak barrel, this bourbon is transferred to a second, deeply toasted, lightly charred barrel. Where it matures further, gathering an intensity of flavors that include sweet oak and vanilla, honey and caramel aromas,and with creamy finish.


It is named after the year in which Kentucky officially became a state; this rye-forward bourbon is a fantastically spicy offering perfect over a couple ice cubes on a warm summer’s eve. It’s full of notes of butterscotch and oak and is enticingly smooth and refined to boot. On the other hand,it has a high proportion of rye in the mash. So, this bourbon has strong spice notes that mingle well with the vanilla aroma and caramel flavors.

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

So many variables can affect the outcome of bourbon. But not, the Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon. Because, it comes from a recipe that’s 35% rye lending it a spicy and floral sweetness followed up by a long delicate finish. It’s both plumy and fruity complete with lots of character including toffee, vanilla, Morello cherries, cocoa, and vanilla. Smooth, flavorful bourbon; certainly a must have.

Old Forester Signature

Brown-Forman, distiller of Old Forester, is continuing making their bourbon for medicinal purposes as well. It is the oldest bourbon distillery still run by the founding family and their Signature 100 Proof is probably the ideal spirit for making an Old Fashioned. Not only that,the high proof will hold up to the bitters and sugar, while the strong, spicy flavor balances the sweetness.