The rifle and shotgun makers delivered an impressive field of new guns. The interest in precision rifles capable of fine, long-range accuracy continues. Some are meant for competition and general range shooting, others for hunting.

For some, hunting is passion and for some collecting the hunting rifle is hobby. For hunter there is lot more range of guns to shoot their pray. But for more ambitious hunters, who care for more accuracy, looking for strength and power to shoot, here are some world-famous hunting rifles for them.

Remington Sendero SF II

This beauty comes with strong 26-inch barrel, the Sendero is built to press as much velocity as possible out of flat shooting cartridges for long and accurate shots. It’s a heavy rifle with a scope as well. The rigid HS Precision stock helps with accuracy. Currently it is hitting hunting market by offering in 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win Mag, and .300 Rem. With full-length aluminum bedding blocks produces accuracy, enhancing platforms for the barreled actions. The 26″ heavy-contour barrels are made for rapid cooling.

Winchester Model 70

This Model 70 borrowed the essentials from Mauser’s bolt action rifle design. The Trigger System is the most precise with three-lever trigger system in the world. Working on a simple pivoting lever principle, the trigger mechanism has been entirely redesigned to display zero take up, zero creep and zero over travel. The pull weight differs from 3 to 5 pounds, because of the enhanced ergonomics, wide smooth trigger piece and 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the unique design geometry. In the past eighty years, Winchester has designed the Model 70 in every rifle caliber ever made, introducing the new 6.5mm Creedmoor caliber for 2018.

Browning BAR Mark III

The BAR MK 3 is the hunting rifle that makes the bar best and matchless, when it comes to accuracy and speed and a caliber selection. The MK 3 is available in the most popular hunting calibers from whitetail hunter’s favorite 243 Winchester to the hard-hitting 300 Winchester Magnum. Cartridges are fed from a detachable box magazine. It comes with 22-inch barrel length.

Marlin 336C

So, if you are looking for gun which has a superb balance between portability, balance, handling, and firepower like no other rifle offer you. This timber class Marlin 336C is a best deer cartridge. Topped with a low-magnification scope or a peep sight, this gun is ideal for hunting dark timber or from within the confines of a small blind. With most moderate recoil and a magazine capacity that most bolt guns can only dream of, it is a powerful rifle.

Ruger American

Ruger has made a rifle with a good barrel and has revolutionary bedding system. It also comes with a modifiable trigger and a three-lug action that runs smoothly from the shoulder. The rifle comes with Weaver-style scope bases, making it an even better value. The American rifles are a success of mass production: a strong, safe action rifle which is lightweight and accurate. The rifles are feature packed and with user adjustable trigger, cold hammer forged barrels, lightweight synthetic stocks, an integral bedding block and free floated barrel. The rifles are available in calibers ranging from .223 Remington to .30-06 Springfield.

Weatherby Vanguard Series

When you think of best all round bolt game, the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 has no rival. These rifles hit a sweet spot for their price, accuracy, handling, and craftsmanship. The magic that Weatherby made with the introduction of the Series 2 has a better trigger and stock, and a handy three-position safety, mad this beauty a great. The action is an odd, but efficient mixture of a standard Mauser-type action and M16-style claw extractor. Vanguards are available in sixteen different calibers from the .223 Remington suitable for varmints to the .375 Holland & Holland.

Savage M220 Stainless Camo

The Savage makes, these guns absolute accurate and trustworthy. While for stainless Camo M220, it is equipped with Savage’s Accu-Trigger. This gun is chambered in 20-gauge is another feature you love for it. These slugs are much softer shooting than 12-gauge slugs, and no deer you might shoot would end up any less dead. The rifles have a detachable box magazine that holds two rounds and comes in a couple of different shades as well. It comes with button and have, 22-inch carbon steel barrel.