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The perfect SmartPhone in 2019

Well, this year many smartphone makers companies have launched their powerful and innovative smartphones. Samsung, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo and many other launched their best smartphones. Besides the best, these phones are expensive and are equipped with awesome tech like...

Leaked Details of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro

will face another disappointment. As per leaked details of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro, there are some mix reactions. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note10 Pro will have a large 4,170mAh battery, a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED (while the regular...

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Smartphone

Oppo may have already teased its first 5G smartphone in Zurich earlier this month, but the company is bringing its entire Reno family. It includes a mid-range Reno and the flagship Oppo Reno 10x Zoom for Europe.  Besides that, the...

Samsung Galaxy Fold is not Worthiness to Buy?

Well according to experts, it time to say good bye to Samsung’s most expensive phone Galaxy Fold. Samsung Galaxy Fold is not worthiness to buy, as many phone experts reveled in their reviews. Why this is time to say leave the Samsung Galaxy Fold, what are its drawbacks, why not to buy it, what is the quality of its fold feature? In order to know the answers click the video.

Is bulletproof Tesla really a bulletproof?

Tesla claimed that its Model S is an armored vehicle and really a bulletproof. After a year, here comes the time to test the claim is bulletproof Tesla really a bulletproof? So, people have lots of questions regarding the proof...

Can You Beat That! Bikes vs Parkour Jumping

Well in the world, there are some awesome people. The world is full of adventurous people and loves to show their skills. There many who dare many adventurous stunts, like bikes vs parkour jumping, the question is can you beat them. So, sit back and watch the amazing stunts of bikes vs parkour jumping in the streets. But the advice is that please don’t try this at all, just watch and enjoy.

Are you ready for Sports Baseball Battle?

Well many people in the world are talented, but everybody has got the talent in one or two areas. But thee bunch of guys do everything perfect and beyond imaginable. Now with the latest Sports Baseball Battle, you should be ready to see, well there are some amazing tricks and amazing baseball battle shots. So fasten your seat belt and enjoy Sports Baseball Battle.

What about the Samsung Galaxy Fold Cases

As Samsung Galaxy Fold is out, then what about the Samsung Galaxy Fold Cases. The Samsung Galaxy Fold represents a new form factor in smartphones, so what about cases? The discussion around case implementation for the Galaxy Fold has been a popular. The design limitations case manufacturers will have to deal with when producing Galaxy Fold cases.

What is the Nintendo Game Boy! 30 Years

The Nintendo Game Boy is the most popular handheld gaming console ever. It allowed us to take games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. It is with us on-the-go, changing the gaming industry and our free...

PlayStation 5 Leaked Details

When every game enthusiast knows about the play station and Xbox, both are competitors in gaming world. As the PlayStation 5 leaked details are out, the games lovers are waiting it anxiously. Well there number of rumors news about PlayStation...