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Now the directions do not matter, Alexa will help. All this features a new electric bike Cybic E-Legend. The company says that, this pairing with voice control enables the Cybic riders to enjoy a great range of innovative. The integrated bike features without their hands ever having to leave the safety of the handle bars.

Well in order to use Alexa’s connected features; the smartbike is prepared with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options. It says that, when it will be on shipping, it will have a SIM card that provides 3G service.

Cybic E-Legend

The Cybic is the first bike that a company is to offer an Alexa-enabled bike. The complete range includes a hybrid and non-electric Legend. Well, initially these e-bikes will be sold in the UK through Halfords this summer. The Cybic E-Legend has a small color-display computer, located in the middle of the handlebars. That houses a small speaker and far-field microphone arrangement.

Coming to the Cybic E Legend, the top of a frame, near the stem, is a plastic panel with three physical buttons. These “park” the bike using a smartly integrated rear-hub lock, turn on the frame’s front and rear lights. the bike also has a Bluetooth or WiFi-connected camera as well. Besides that, the Cybic has included GPS to combat any potential thieves. So, you don’t need to worry about your bike any more.

The electric version of the Cybic did not confirm about the battery and motor system to aid your flesh-and-bone legs. On the other hand, some a battery name “Bafang M500” is written, though, which points to a respectable 250W motor and 450Wh battery. With that no mileage details is been provided as well.